Learn to develop Sencha apps with confidence.

Build higher quality apps, faster by following common design patterns & best practices

Better Sencha Apps: Design Patterns & Best Practices is an eBook that will help you focus on improving the quality and maintainability of your code by outlining design patterns and best practices that can be applied to all aspects of your application's codebase. You will gain a deeper understanding of the Sencha frameworks and how to build robust and performant application's on top of them.

Nail your Architecture

From high level application architecture down to class naming conventions - maintainable applications are built on these decisions.

Blow Away Native

Squeeze out every last drop of performance and ensure a healthy memory appetite. Make sure your apps outstrip native!

Ensure Integrity of Data

Avoid getting tangled in data management and ensure data integrity is kept as a top priority.

Ship With Confidence

Know how to write testable code to let you ship with a smile on your face and green ticks on your screen.

Reusable & Optimised Components

Design reusable components that are optimised for each platform to ensure a smooth interface.

Improve your Workflow

Learn to improve your workflow’s efficiency to make sure you’re as productive as possible!

  • eBook describing Best Practices across all areas of Sencha app design & development

  • Recommendations specific to Ext JS & Sencha Touch

  • Lots of sample code and worked examples

  • Video walkthroughs of refactoring, workflows and more!

  • Interviews with leading Sencha developers