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This email course delivers 7 daily lessons on how to improve your Sencha codebase by focusing on the lessons I've learnt through building and reviewing Sencha applications for the last 5 years.

Let me talk you through how to avoid the most common problems developers face, how to improve your workflow to maximise your efficiency and make sure your code is of the highest possible quality.

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Course Contents

Lesson 1 - The importance of conventions

Laying the correct foundations and setting out the coding guidelines will make your applications easier to navigate and friendlier for new developers.

Lesson 2 - Clean up your components effectively

Keep your applications lean by making sure you clean-up after yourself. Learn how to hook into the destroy process, about the main culprits of memory leaks and how to keep your DOM small.

Lesson 3 - Creating lightweight views

Learn how to construct your views as effectively and efficiently as possible. Pick the right component for the job and avoid over-nesting to simplify your views.

Lesson 4 - Retrieving components the right way

Accessing your view components is a fundamental part of writing applications but the best way to do it is often not clear. If you rely on Ext.getCmp this lesson will help you see the error of your ways and show you light on better ways to get component references.

Lesson 5 - Writing testable code

This lesson will focus on how to write your applications with testability in mind so your business logic can be easily tested - giving you piece of mind.

Lesson 6 - Maximising your workflow efficiency

A rundown of some useful tools and workflows to make your app development as efficient as possible.

Lesson 7 - Optimise your apps performance

Everyone wants their apps to run faster, this lesson will look at some of the best techniques to avoid bottlenecks and squeeze every last drop of performance out of your code.

  • How do does the course work & what format does it take?

    Once you subscribe you will receive a new lesson to your email inbox each day for 7 days. Lessons will primarily be articles focusing on a single key concept or idea.

  • Can I unsubscribe if I don't want to receive any more lessons?

    Of course! If you aren't getting value from the course then you can unsubscribe at any time. If you can, I'd love to hear your feedback on what could be improved.

  • The course was great, what should I do now?

    If you found a lot of value in the course I'd recommend checking out my eBook Better Sencha Apps: Patterns & Practices or the articles in my blog.

  • I'd like some advice on my project, can you help?

    Definitely, I'm available to provide code reviews, performance tuning or just general help with your project. Drop me an email and we can get started!