Sencha App Code Review Sessions

Work with me to review your Ext JS or Sencha Touch app's codebase and receive detailed recommendations on how to improve quality, maintainability, testability and performance.

If your team are new to Sencha development then this product is perfect to get some validation on your approach and the patterns that you're applying.

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Sencha Upgrade Consultation

Work with me to put together a recommend upgrade strategy to get your application to the latest Ext JS 6 framework version.

Utilise my experience of the Sencha frameworks to help strategise your upgrade path and identify key areas of your application that will cause problems.

Find out more and book your 2-day consultation for only £1,200!

Mobile Application Development

The world has gone mobile and your customers want to be able to interact with your business while they are on the move. With smartphone sales outstripping PCs the time to ensure your business is mobile is now.

I specialise in creating exceptional mobile applications to give your business a new level of customer engagement, efficiency and presence.

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Web Application Development

I can help you streamline your business, create your exciting new product idea or provide a new way for customers to interact with your business by designing and building a custom web application to fulfill your needs.

I have over 10 years of experience creating web applications and making them work for your business, ensuring you get a fantastic return on investment.

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Ext JS & Sencha Touch Development

I am an expert in Ext JS and Sencha Touch development, having worked with the frameworks for over 5 years. I have authored two books (Ext JS Essentials and Ext JS 4 Cookbook) on the topic and have worked with numerous large clients on mobile and desktop applications built on Sencha.

I would be delighted to integrate with your team, or work individually, on your Sencha project and bring my expertise and experience to the project.

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Ext JS & Sencha Touch Training & Mentoring

Having worked with Sencha Touch and Ext JS for over 5 years I am able to deliver training to your team to ensure you have the skills you need to complete your project.

Whether you prefer formal classroom training, informal team discussion or one-to-one mentoring I can put together a programme to suit your current experience and your goals.

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