Ext JS and Sencha Touch Code Review Sessions

Gain validation of your app's codebase and get recommendations for how to improve quality, maintainability, testability & performance

Sometimes getting an outside eye on your project's codebase is what's needed to give fresh insight into how it is put together, the patterns being used and provide some validation into the approaches being taken.

My code review sessions will provide an analysis of your code and what aspects of it are really good and what could be improved upon.

My extensive experience of developing Ext JS & Sencha Touch applications means I have seen it all and can pass on the lessons that I've learnt.

Code Review Focus

How you want to have your code reviewed is entirely up to you and each project will have different needs. The following options will give you an idea of how we can shape your session to focus on th emost important aspects.

  • Full project review A birds-eye analysis of the entire codebase, its structure and general patterns.

  • Feature review A more detailed analysis of a particular feature of product.

  • Custom component review A deep dive into a specific custom component.

  • Performance review A detailed analysis of areas of the app not performing well.

  • Testing review A specific analysis of the project's testing and quality assurance process.

Benefits of a Code Review

In case you needed further convincing about why getting me involved in your project is a great idea here's a few reasons how a code review can have a real impact on your project and the quality of the code being produced.

Gain validation of your approach

Often new developers are doing a great job but just need a bit of validation from someone with more experience of the frameworks, to confirm they are doing things the right way.

Increase Team Skills

Code reviews aren't just about the codebase, the feedback provided allows team members to grow as developers and hone their craft.

Improve Code Quality

Through my analysis I will give detailed recommendations for how your code could be improved going forward.

Increase Code Maintainability

As an outsider to the project I will be able to identify areas that may be hard to understand and maintain in the future and can give recommendations on how to improve them.

Improve Code Testability

Code that is hard to test is usually not tested well. A code review will allow me to suggest how to refactor classes and methods to make testing much easier.

Find Bugs

There will always be bugs in our software and carrying out regular code reviews can help find them before they hit production.

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What You Get

  • A two day code review with me

  • Detailed analysis of your project and its code

  • Recommendations based on over 5 years of experience working with Sencha frameworks

  • A comprehensive report detailing practical and actionable recommendations